Spot and Avoid Fake accounts

14 June 2016

The issue of fake accounts on dating profiles has been one that has plagued the industry for quite a while now and there are no signs of it ever stopping. These fake accounts continue to spread like wildfire, continuously getting in the way of real people who are looking to find someone to hook up with online. But where do all these fake account come from? These fake accounts are created by a myriad of individuals that range from someone looking to pass time to professional scammers looking to make a quick buck any way they can. The worst part about fake accounts is that they tell you exactly what you want to hear, when you want to hear but in the end all they are after is your money! Here are some way to spot fake accounts and hopefully avoid them.



If It looks too Good to Be True It Probably Is

If a user account has a really high definition model picture chances are it is actually a picture of an model. Same is the case with every picture that is either too sexy or raunchy. Using more than attractive pictures to attract other users is one of the oldest methods to scam someone.  Likewise, be wary of any picture that is either too small or has a watermark. Though Smooch With Me requires video verification to verify an account picture, you should still check and see if the image is unique or not by using an Image Search Engine like Google Images.



Did They Finish Their Profile?

Contrary to professional scammers some people that are looking to make a quick buck will only provide the bare minimum information for their dating account. Scammers most of the time have more than a few fake accounts spread across the internet. They would rather spend their time stalking their prey rather than perfecting their account. Real people take the time to complete their account as well as providing additional information like their favorite food, what they’re in to and even their favorite color because they are looking to meet people who have similar taste for both a short and long run.



Verified Doesn’t Always Mean Safe

Unlike Smooch With Me,  most other sites make close to no effort in verifying whether an user is actually who they claim to be! This isn’t just limited to free dating sites but to those who offer  premium memberships as well. The most verification that the leading sites provide are Credit Card verification that can easily be faked!

At the end of the day, it’s a sad fact that how many fake accounts are plaguing dating sites and the fact that administrations have done nothing about it. Smooch With Me makes all possible efforts and then some more to make sure that every user on our network is who they claim to be and leave you alone when you want them to.

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