Ah, that perfect rom com meeting! You bump into each other on the street, literally. You discover that you both love dogs. Both of you have hair so great that day that it has to be magic. Then she mentions her collection of Donald Trump photos and he explains his passion for Axe body spray.

Aaaand you’re done.


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X ‘Em Out

On most dating sites, there’s no way to make your lack of interest clear to someone who’s overly persistent. But on Smooch With Me, it’s simple: If someone makes you uncomfortable, you just click the ‘X’ and they’re gone. Forever.

The best part? If someone gets enough X’s they’re banned, so the creepers and clingers will be out of the mix.

Someone starts messing with your Hollywood moment? X ‘em out.


Smooch With Me is all about fun. We want your dating life to feel like The Wedding Singer, not Basic Instinct. That’s why we give you the tools to control your convos and party as responsibly (or not) as you want.

Play Safe

Safety and respect for everybody is the name of the game. Don’t get us wrong. We know that you’re awesome. But all it takes is one person peeing in the pool for the director to call cut. We want to make sure that when you met up IRL, you feel safe enough to go in for the kiss

Advantages of Online Dating

15 June 2016

Online dating has become more popular throughout the last decade. As the Internet becomes more and more prevalent in society, it has meant that many people do many more aspects online both professionally and personally. In the likes of Carolyn Brown an online dating member who proved that online dating is an appropriate and efficient method of developing stable relationships than real life dating. Carolyn believes online dating makes it easier for an individual to converse with one another and visualize free heart expression from both partners without any fear. It is a lot easier to make decisions on whether or not you would like to take your relationship to the next level when communicating online, and if it looks like the relationship isn't going anywhere for one or the other people involved it is also very easy to end it and move on to a more suited partner before getting too involved in the relationship.

Spot and Avoid Fake accounts

14 June 2016

 The issue of fake accounts on dating profiles has been one that has plagued the industry for quite a while now and there are no signs of it ever stopping. These fake accounts continue to spread like wildfire, continuously getting in the way of real people who are looking to find someone to hook up with online. But where do all these fake account come from? These fake accounts are created by a myriad of individuals that range from someone looking to pass time to professional scammers looking to make a quick buck any way they can. The worst part about fake accounts is that they tell you exactly what you want to hear, when you want to hear but in the end all they are after is your money! Here are some way to spot fake accounts and hopefully avoid them. 


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